Organics, Juices and a Brunch.

Organic food.
A few years ago, the very mention of those words conjured up imagery of unidentifiable green things, lots of seeds and an alternate lifestyle. To me, "organic" was just another buzz word, the latest fad and a clever marketing ploy (to join the likes of "lite" and "natural"). And the cost of purchasing anything organic seemed exorbitant and really turned me off.

I have always eaten reasonably healthy, and "research" had suggested there was not much difference between organic and non-organic produce. So in my ignorance, I didn't really pursue the organic path.

Earlier this week, I attended a brunch with Sunraysia, Bauer's Organic Farm and Biological Farmers of Australia.  The brunch was held at Wray Organic - which is both an organic market  and cafe (with delicious food) - a very apt venue indeed.

I was curious to learn more about organic food and what was so special about it. And I was not disappointed. Those of us in attendance were privileged to hear from Rob and Trudy (Bauer's Organic Farm based in the Lockyer Valley in QLD). Rob is from generations of farmers and is extremely passionate about organic farming. He shared his incredible knowledge on both organic and chemical farming with us, and really made me think about the food choices I will be making from now on.

A delicious organic ham & cheese croissant.

The Brunch also incorporated the launch of Sunraysia's range of organic juices, which we were fortunate to sample.  The juices are 100% fruit - nothing added, nothing taken away. And come in a variety of 4 flavours - apple, apple & blackcurrant, tropical and orange.  They are very delicious and the samples I took home were quickly slurped up by the kids - leaving them asking for more! The range of juices are perfect for lunchboxes or as a frozen snack. And you can find them in the juice aisles at Woolworths and Coles.

Some food for thought from Sunraysia:

And some additional information to get you thinking about the choices you make for your family:

So why is organic good for families? (From Bud Organic Club on Facebook)
- no nasty additives
- no antibiotics or hormones
- no genetically modified foods
- no synthetic pesticides
- more cancer fighting antioxidants

To find out more about 'going organic', you can join the Bud Organic Club. The club is free to join and is designed to help make going organic a lot easier.

Thanks to Birds of Prey PR, Blogs and PR, Sunraysia, Bauer's Organic FarmBiological Farmers of Australia and Wray Organic for hosting the brunch.