Five Grey Elephants.

Have you ever heard the song Elephants Balancing? It starts off with one elephant balancing on a piece of string, and he thinks it's such a wonderful stunt, that he called for another elephant. By the end of the song, there are five grey elephants trying to balance on that piece of string - when all of a sudden the piece of string broke and down came all the elephant folk.

Sometimes I feel like my life and all its different compartments are like those elephants - and I'm trying so hard to delicately balance them on that piece of string. Sometimes I think, Sure, I can make another thing fit into my life and make it work effectively. But other times, I feel as though all the compartments are bulging, and if anything else were to be added or if something were to move ever so slightly the wrong way, the "string" would break.

There is always so much talk about getting the 'perfect life balance'. But I wonder, is there such a thing, or do we just get confused with wanting everything to be perfect? Is it possible to balance everything on that piece of string without it breaking, or does something eventually have to give?

Balance has less to do with things in your life aligning perfectly, and more to do with you better understanding your limitations and boundaries. (Source unknown).
Previously, my attitude to finding the perfect balance has meant that I've given into the assumption that I can't possibly fit another thing in....and do it perfectly (or well). So I haven't. However, I'm finding that it's quite okay to fit a lot in, to have many elephants balancing on the string so to speak. It just doesn't have to be perfectly balanced - and that's quite okay. 

There are times in life where a particular area may require more focus. That doesn't necessarily mean that everything is misaligned - it just means that everything else needs to adjust to compensate for a while.

And yes, sometimes we can take on too much in our lives - and the string can break. But surely that means we have pushed and overloaded our own limitations, perhaps because we've been trying to achieve perfect.

Through letting go of the perfect balance myth, I am aware that I am quite capable of fitting more in. It doesn't mean certain areas are neglected. And it doesn't mean that I give a half-hearted effort. What it does mean is that I know where my priorities lie and what my capacity is before the string breaks. It doesn't have to be perfect to work.

What do you think? 
Does balance mean everything aligning perfectly, 
or does it mean being able to understand where your boundaries are 
and how much you can deal with?