DIY Christmas Bauble Decorating.

I love Christmas Baubles. So shiny, so pretty, so sparkly! 

My eldest daughter had a friend over recently. As both girls are into craft, I thought it would be nice for them to do something Christmas-sy - so Christmas baubles it was!

The local cheap shop has a treasure trove of Christmas bits.  Some very tacky, but some things are quite useful. Like plain Christmas baubles in a variety of colours. I bought a pack of 10 silver baubles for $2.50.

To do this craft you will need:
* Baubles (you could also use styrofoam baubles for this)
* Craft glue
* Glitter (or use glitter glue)
* Paint brushes
* Glitter paint
* Other embellishments as required

What to do:
* Set up glitter into bowls
* Decorate baubles with glitter/paint/embellishments
* Allow to dry
* Spray with hairspray or a clear adhesive spray (so glitter won't fall off) and allow to dry.

The girls were thrilled to make their own Christmas decorations - and the results were pretty impressive & sparkly!


  1. Great idea for older kids (girls in particular I imagine!). I was waiting to read a post about this after your comment on my blog the other day. Thanks for explaining it!

  2. What a fabulous idea. I think we might give these a try, too :)

  3. They look great. Such a simple idea and kids always love to put glitter on things.

  4. Oh! Lovely! I would definitely be going with the cheaper baubles than styrofoam (had some bad luck with pinting them in the past :( ), but they look like they turned out great :) You could change your colour scheme regularly with this :D

  5. I'd be saying...."move over kids, mummy wants to have a turn". They look perfect for Christmas Debbie.

  6. Thanks for all your lovely comments! This is such a fun craft for the kids. The enjoyment the girls got from such a simple thing was just nice to see.


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