Always Kiss Me Goodnight.

I want this for my bedroom.


It evokes images of my wedding vows, and promising to be with my husband until 'death do us part'.  

That means that we're growing old together.  That means there's many, many, many years of life to get through together (God willing).  That means there will be up and down times.  There will be hardships and sorrows.  But there will also be times of joy and laughter. 

So regardless of what our day has been like, or the unknown of our tomorrows, a simple reminder to Always kiss me goodnight will help us reconnect and affirm that before kids, before the busyness of life - we are partners, a team, and we're in this for the long haul.


  1. Lovely post - lovely bed.
    I'd love that bed too - could I also have a maid to pull it up and place the cushions back in place each day? :)

  2. Funny you say that Michelle! My parents have a similar amount of cushions on their bed - personally it would drive me up the wall making it look so perfect!


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