Moving Forward.

It's a funny thing this blogging business. Being a 'mummy blogger' has never sat well with me. Not because I don't enjoy being a mum. And not because I don't enjoy blogging. Far from it for either of those scenarios. It's just the combination of those two titles that I don't like. 

Yes, I may blog about parenting and my struggles (and victories) as a mum. Yes, I may do the occasional craft or recipe post. But as far as all that goes, I guess I've never really felt like I've fit in anywhere. Square peg, round hole. Me, in all my awkwardness over here, still trying to find where I belong. (Or maybe that's just me in life in general....)

Which is totally okay. After all, as the saying goes, I wasn't born to fit in, I was born to stand out. Or something along those lines. Except sometimes standing out can be for all the wrong reasons. The awkward reasons. The 'I still haven't found my thing' reason.

Aspiring MUM hasn't sat well with me for a very long time. (You may have noticed the scarcity of posts and my umming and ahhing over direction for quite awhile now). 

A few years ago, when I first started writing here, the MUM part of Aspiring Mum was perfect - my bright light in the midst of the fog of midnight feeds and toddler tantrums. I was a struggling mum and I needed an outlet. As I fumbled my way through the early years of parenting, I was Aspiring to be the best MUM I could be. 

But fast forward to now, and I am in a new season of life. I feel as though the MUM part confines me and really limits what I write about. I still stumble and have no idea what I'm doing on some days, but this new season is one where I finally have some clarity (not a great deal, but I'm grabbing what I have and going with it). I am still aspiring to be who I was created to be - and in this season, that means taking risks, stepping out of my comfort zone and pursuing stuff that matters. But it also means, in moving forward, I need to leave some of the mumsy side of things behind.

And while I am still (and always will be) a mum, my heart is beating fast for something more than craft or writing about parenthood. So with a combination of nervousness and vulnerability, I will be rebranding Aspiring Mum and pursuing a semi-new direction. One where I can write more openly and not be confined by the walls I have built here. 

I know I don't need to explain myself to anyone, and in all reality, I doubt anyone really cares anyway! 

But in the words of Dale Carnegie - If you want to conquer fear, do not sit at home and think about it. Go out and get busy. 

So that's what I'm going to be doing. Getting busy. Rebranding. Following a dream. I hope you follow me too.