On Being Quiet and Shining My Light.

I remember as a child, wearing labels such as quiet, shy and the quiet achiever. After constantly hearing those words for most of my life, a cloak of invisibility settled over me . I became familiar with insignificance and feeling left out. 

In a room full of people, you would find me on the outside. Never the centre of attention. Always listening, but never really heard. I often questioned my place. Square peg, round hole. Where did I fit in? It was as though being quiet was a bad thing. As though I didn't have anything of value to offer. My talents didn't seem so obvious as those who had the volume and boldness to make theirs known. And I wondered what I actually had that was worth sharing with the world.

Even as an adult, I have struggled with being overlooked and not being heard. In a world that is so loud, I'm still the quiet one. And I still get labelled. For the most part, people's perceptions haven't changed. Quiet = insignificant. And for many years, I believed that lie and hid my true self away.

But something has changed in me.

I've learned to accept that this is who I am. This is who I was created to be. And so I have embraced this part of me, and am learning to let my light shine.

We all have unique gifts and talents to offer. Don't let comparison, or the fear of others, the fear of failure, the fear of judgement, the fear of expectations, the fear of anything smother who you are. Don't hide any more.

Embrace your calling and let your light shine for all to see.