Grace. Mercy. Love. {An Easter Reflection}.

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Three words that I reflect on this Friday.
Three words that through action, changed history.
Three words that, in my finite mind, are so hard to fully comprehend.


They are qualities that I try so very hard to live out with my family. With those around me. With the world.
And yet they are gifts that are very hard for me to receive.

You see, grace is favour given to someone who doesn't deserve it. And I for one, am so undeserving. So unworthy. So messy.
And yet, I have been extended grace, favour, acceptance. Wholly and unconditionally. 

And mercy. When I should be shunned, treated harshly. When I should be punished and shamed. Instead, there is mercy. Kindness. Forgiveness. Compassion. Sweet mercy.

And love. Love that never falters. Love that is steadfast. Unconditional. That holds firm and goes far beyond my feeble understanding. Love that knows no end. Love that is like no other. Love that remains despite my failings. Love that died to give me life. 

And it's these three words that I reflect on today.

Three simple words.
Three words that see beyond the mess and the brokenness.
Three words that see wholeness and beauty.
Three words that give me life and hope and joy.


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